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General Conditions


The inventory of available products listed on Perlimpinpin’s website (“the website”) represents the most recent available information and is updated automatically. Perlimpinpin is not responsible for interruptions in the availability of merchandise. Perlimpinpin will warn the purchaser of such interruptions in stock as soon as possible. The color of the products on the website may differ slightly from the actual color of the product due to the digital display and other technical factors. Perlimpinpin attempts to reproduce products and their colors as accurately as possible.


All prices are in US dollars. Any applicable taxes and shipping fees are in addition to listed prices. Perlimpinpin reserves the right to change, at any time and without warning, the prices of the goods offered on the website. The total amount of the order is payable in full by credit card at the time the order is confirmed.

Perlimpinpin accepts online payment from the following credit cards:

Visa - Mastercard - American Express - Discover - Diners Club

At time of purchase, Shopify payment, a third party specializing in secure online payment is taking charge of your personnal information. Perlimpinpin does not retain any information relating to the credit card used for payment.


Perlimpinpin reserves the right to refuse any order made on the website. If it becomes necessary to limit the quantity ordered or to cancel an order, the purchaser will be advised of such limit or refusal as soon as possible.


All rights and title in this web site ans any information available on or via the web site is the property of Perlimpinpin inc. 

Any information, text, video, image, logo are the property of PERLIMPINPIN inc

The use of any information, text, video, image or logo should be duly authorised by PERLIMPINPIN inc.


PERLIMPINPIN is a registered trademark. Under no circumstances should you use, encourage third parties or authorise  any third party to use PERLIMPINPIN trademark without legal consent.