How to choose your baby sleep sack ?

What are Perlimpinpin baby sleep sacks and why should you have at least one ?

Safety Features

Look for sleep sacks with safety features like a fitted neck and armholes, and a secure reverse zipper to prevent your baby from slipping inside. Our simple and secure reverse zipper design avoids the addition of small parts that could break off and cause a choking hazard. Little tip! Start putting on the sleep bag on the shoulder opposite to the zipper to make it easier to put on.

All Perlimpinpin sleep bags are also tested by independent laboratories and testing facilities for quality components and safety attributes that complies to international, American and UK requirements.

Ease of use

Choose a sleep sack that is easy to use and care for, with simple and secure reverse closures for easy diaper change, and that can be machine-washed for convenience.


Look for sleep sacks made from breathable, lightweight materials that are comfortable for your baby to wear depending on the temperature and season. 

Temperature Rating

Choose a sleep sack with a temperature rating appropriate for the room temperature, to keep your baby safe and comfortable throughout the night.
For more information visit our Warmth Chart page


Choose the appropriate size for your baby's weight and height to ensure a proper fit.

What to choose if baby isn't born yet ? The best option is our newborn sleep sack as it offers the ideal temperature for newborns as well as a unique and practical design with its reverse zipper for frequent diaper changes and swaddle option (arms in).

Here's our guide to help you choose the correct sizing :