Collection: Baby Sleep Sacks

Discover our collections of high-quality sleep sacks made from Muslin, Cotton, Plush and Bamboo to keep your baby warm and safe all night long. Our Reverse zippers allow quick and discrete diaper changes without disrupting baby's sleep. Its unique design has already won the hearts of new parents all over Canada! Consult our TOG CHART to better understand the warmth of our sleep bags.

Baby Sleep Sacks


What is a baby sleep sack?

A sleep sack is a way to safely keep your child warm while they sleep. Sleep sacks help babies maintain the correct body temperature without becoming overheated from too many blankets. They can come in many fabrics, ours come in Muslin, Cotton, Plush, and Bamboo!

Bamboo Sleep Sacks

Perlimpinpin's Bamboo baby sleep sacks have already conquered thousands of parents and babies. Our viscose from bamboo comes from a 100% organic culture. No pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals are used to increase bamboo growth. Plus! We only use water-soluble dyes for our prints! Only the best for your baby!

Muslin Sleep Sacks

Ideal for a cozy sleep during the warmer months!

Muslin baby sleep sacks are among Perlimpinpin's most popular products. Made in a lightweight and breathable fabric, your baby will enjoy a most comfortable sleep. Surpassing international safety standards, these sleep bags are the perfect solution for a safe sleep.

Cotton Sleep sacks

Perfect for mid-season, these cotton baby sleep sacks with their pretty design and soft material will accompany baby in his sweetest dreams. Thanks to the safe construction, your little one will feel free of movement while having his/her little feet covered all night long!

Plush Sleep sacks

Fully adapted to the cold nights, your baby will stay warm and comfortable with these plush and velour sleep sacks. At Perlimpinpin we are proud to offer high-quality sleep sacks and to be rewarded by being #1 in Canada

Are you looking for a blanket?

In order to transition your child from using sleep sacks, start by purchasing the right bedding as well as a few cozy blankets. These blankets should be gently introduced to your baby as their new blanket (make it exciting!).