Collection: Layette

Make the most of baby first set of clothes with those collection of Perlimpinpin's layette. Have fun with mix and match from our plain and various designs. All made from viscose of bamboo we offer the best newborn clothes for baby sensitive skin. Comes in sleepers, beanies, scratch mittens and more !  



Perlimpinpin's layette

Discover must have accessories for your baby with our sleepers, beanies mittens and more ! Designed in Canada our layette collection is created with the comfort of your new born in mind. Each product is designed with care and safety so that your first moments with baby are memorable ! Our wide range of Perlimpinpin's layette contains baby beanies, mittens, sleepers and much more!


Our sleepers and pajamas made from viscose from bamboo will ensure baby’s comfort no matter the temperature. Our Oeko-tex bamboo fiber also contain natural antibacterial elements to protect your little one.


Made of viscose from bamboo, this Perlimpinpin's newborn beanie babies will protect baby's head from UV rays in the coziest way while maintaining baby's natural body heat. Available in two convenient sizes.


Protect baby's pretty face form those sharp nails with these Perlimpinpin's scratch mittens. Made of viscose from bamboo, while protecting baby's cute face they will also keep his/her little hands mild. Fits approximately 0-3 months.