Collection: Baby Blankets

Discover a range of baby blankets, as soft as warm and designed in Canada in luxurious fabrics. Bamboo, plush or muslin blankets are soft on toddlers' sensitive skin. They will accompany baby during the night, regardless of age. Choose from our wide range of plain, printed, quilted or knitted blankets.

Baby Blankets

What defines a good blanket?

You will want to have several crib blankets for sleeping in the summer and winter (once your child reaches 18 months). You will also want to stock up on receiving blankets, which are ideal for swaddling, burping, nap time, covering your baby in a car seat, snuggling, trips on airplanes, daycare, etc. 

Bamboo blankets

These baby bamboo blankets are designed in Canada and made from natural fibers. Bamboo is a lightweight and ecological fabric, known for its softness, perfect for baby's sensitive skin. Perlimpinpin bamboo blankets can also be used as a cover for nursing or breastfeeding.

Muslin blankets

Muslin swaddle blankets are made of lightweight fabric, ideal to accompany your child in warmer weather, it will become softer after each wash. Multi-purpose and very light, they can be used in many ways: play mat, sun visor for the stroller, swaddling and nursing.

Plush blankets

Perlimpinpin plush blankets will accompany baby during his development. The softness of the fabric will preserve his skin, when the colorful patterns will awaken his mind. Lightweight, they can be taken anywhere with you to offer a soft and reassuring playground for your baby.

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