Collection: Bedding & Nursery


With baby's arrival comes the choice of his/her soft bedding. We want it to be delicate and comfortable to wrap him/her in all our love! We therefore build baby's first decor and your nursery decor.

Bedding & Nursery

What bedding is safe for babies

In the crib, the sheets of your mattress matched with a baby sleep sack are the best and safest combination to put your baby to sleep. Our bedding come in bamboo and cotton fabrics!

Bamboo bedding

Not only safe, bamboo crib sheet and changing pad cover, may very well be the best choice for you baby, especially if they have sensitive skin or allergies.  Bamboo fabrics is made in a safe and eco-friendly process. Properties: Naturally antibacterial, Extra-soft and silky fabric, absorbs and evaporates humidity, comfortable in all temperatures, Protects from UV rays.

Cotton muslin bedding

With this 100% cotton muslin crib sheet and changing pad cover, baby will feel so comfy that he will sleep all night long (and so will you)! This delicate sheet is breathable, comfortable and extra soft. We created this collection so you can have fun with mix and match!

Crib sheets

All our crib sheets are made of natural fabrics that are not only soft, light and gentle to the skin, but also completely chemical-free. Our sheets has elastic bands all around the edges to ensure it stays in place while baby is dancing. Likewise, it fits any standard size crib mattress.

Changing pad cover

A changing pad cover is a genuine nursery must-have. Breathable and lightweight, baby will be so comfortable while his diaper is getting changed.