Collection: Baby Headbands

Our baby headbands come in a variety of colors to match and elevate any of your little one’s outfit. They are made from bamboo viscose and cotton to help protect the soft, sensitive skin of your child.

Baby Headbands


How to wear baby headbands

The most secure way to put a headband on a baby or a toddler is to place it right before the largest portion of her head. So it's past the forehead, but not too far, just behind the ear. You also want to stretch the headband as wide as you can when putting it on your baby's head so it won't be uncomfortable for them if you do. 

When can babies start wearing headbands?

It should be emphasized that toddlers (especially children under 3 years of age) should not be left unattended with headbands, or any hair accessory and should always be under the supervision of a parent or adult while wearing one. Keep in mind that the sooner and more frequent you wear headbands on the heads of your little one, the better they will get used to having them on their heads and avoid them slipping their on their faces. 

Ideal for babies with allergies and eczema

Bamboo has an incredibly soft texture and outstanding breathability. By its natural features, bamboo fiber is called an "intelligent" fiber. It evaporates excess moisture while maintaining the comfort of a tempered body heat. This makes it the preferred textile for delicate baby skin, especially those who have eczema.

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is extremely strong for such a soft-feeling material. It’s a perfect fabric for sleep sacks to ensure comfort and a good-as-new look for as long as it will fit your baby. Bamboo fabric is also extremely permeable and keeps moisture away.

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