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Top advice for new moms

November 15 2022
Top advice for new moms

Becoming a new mom can be scary and you may be looking for parenting tips for new moms as you prepare for the big day. 

There is a lot to learn about being a first-time mom and even though you may have 9 months to prepare as your baby grows inside you. That’s why we put together top 10 real-life  tips for new moms to help you navigate through these exciting, but perhaps nerve-racking times.

New mom tip #1: Do you have a birth plan?

Your birth attendant or obstetrician may ask about your intentions regarding the birth plan you envision. Writing down your wishes and expectations can help you and your partner discuss what you want to receive in terms of treatment or support. 

This tool can be helpful in making certain decisions during labor; however, it doesn’t have to be set in stone. It is more of a guideline to follow if the external factors, your health and baby’s health require it. Welcoming a baby with flexibility and openness will allow you to experience birthas serenely as possible. Breathe and relax. You’ll be just fine.

New mom tip #2: Turn baby gifts into help

If you're feeling overwhelmed with new mom gifts and don't know what to ask for, ask your loved ones for home-cooked and ready-to-heat meals that will be more than welcome during the changes that the first few weeks with baby can bring. 

Healthy homemade meals will provide the energy you need to recover quickly from childbirth. It will also be comforting for your heart and soul. Let your loved ones take care of you and ask for help when you feel you need it. You’re fully worth it.

New mom tip #3: Don’t become overwhelmed and do too much

While at the hospital, NICU or birthing center,  , leave your preconceived notions at the door. Receive professionals advice with openness and let your baby guide you through the process. 

Giving birth and breastfeeding is natural, but sometimes your health, baby's health, or any other external condition may require you to forego your wishes and follow the recommendations of healthcare providers. Your safety and baby’s safety should always be the number-one priority. Respect your pace and feel free to discuss your apprehension with your partner, midwife and/or the neo-natal team. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes YOU and a village to welcome a child.

New mom tip #4: Don’t doubt the importance of resting

Sleep when baby sleeps they say....but who, as a new mom, has time for rest?

You will hear people tell you over and over again to rest  during baby's first months. That’s so easy to say in theory but sometimes not that easy to do in practice, right? You will have moments when you feel like you have to and want to do everything. You may want to prove to yourself that you can do it, that no challenge is too big for the superwoman you've always been. 

Well, think again. New moms need to sleep and rest throughout the day. Even if it's just to give your body the attention it needs to acclimate to your new schedule and ever-evolving family reality. There will always be a pile of dirty laundry waiting. Give yourself a break: the laundry is not going to go anywhere. Be there for baby but don't forget to prioritize your own well-being as well.

New mom tip #5: Look for products that make it easier for baby to sleep

Several products are currently available to make life with babies easier. Among all these products, those that can help with baby's sleep routine will certainly be the most useful. When it comes to baby’s sleep, you want your newborn to feel safe, comfortable. It’s important that your baby sleeps well to get the rest they need.

Swaddle blankets

Swaddle blankets can provide comfort and reproduce the cocoon-like environment that baby was used to in the womb. They usually can be used as long as baby likes to be swaddled and does not turn on their stomach.

Sleep sacks

Sleep sacks for babies, also known as sleep bags, are perfect if you do not master the swaddling technique or if you would like to have another option at night, as opposed to baby blankets, which are not recommended. With a reverse zipper, a sleep sack will make changing diapers a snap without disturbing baby. A baby sleep sack allows your newborn to bend and flex their legs freely. As a bonus, you also have the option of arms inor  arms out if baby prefers to sleep with their arms out. When baby sleeps, you can sleep too!

New mom tip #6: Put your phone down

Try not to fall into the game of comparing with other new moms. Social media, with new mom influencers, are designed to create hype (aka followers and likes); the beautiful images that rarely (almost never) reflect real life. 

Social media,  often thought of as simply entertaining, can sometimes be anxiety-provoking. This trap can create unreal expectations for young parents regarding their baby's major milestones and family life. So don’t forget to put your phone down, enjoy every minute with baby and listen to your instincts. YOU know best what's good for YOUR baby.

New mom tip #7: Stock up on the basics you’ll need daily

Make sure you have enough basics to make each day easier. Remember: no real fancy stuff is needed. Here's a top 5 list of baby’s essentials to have in multiple numbers to avoid spending your time in the laundry room:

Fitted sheets for baby

Fitted sheets: Choose fabrics with natural fibers, such as bamboo or cotton, to give babies the comfort they need for a good night's sleep.

Sleepers for baby

Sleepers: Again, natural fibers should be your first pick. Make sure you have few of each of the following sizes to start with 0, 1, 3 and 6 months. From the experience of many new moms, size 0 does not fit that long;perhaps go easy on this one and see how baby outgrows it. We recommend the same for onesies as well. You might also choose a nightgown for the first weeks as they are so easy to use and offers a direct access to change the diaper easily.

Baby hats for newborns

Newborn and baby hats: These hats maintain baby's natural body heat so important for his comfort during the first weeks. Make sure to choose a fabric that is highly breathable so that moisture is locked away. Since a baby's little nails are very sharp and filing them regularly can be a challenge at first, you'll probably want to choose 1 or 2 pairs of anti-scratch mittens too so that they protect baby's delicate skin.

Baby wash cloths

Baby’s wash cloths: These soft terry cloths are life savers you can  use anywhere. Choose one color for the face and another for the whole body. That way, you'll always be ready for baby care. A minimum quantity of about 24 will be needed for a few days.

Baby sleep sacks

Baby sleep sacks: Once you’ve hit a certain routine with baby you will probably like to continue using a regular sleep sack. Loose blankets are no longer recommended in the crib; the sleep sack is actually a wearable blanket that will allow babies to keep their sleep routine safe.

Ask for these basic products as new mom gifts. They may seem trivial, but they will save you from laundry marathons.

New mom tip #8: Stop putting pressure on yourself to get into shape

Your body has been helping to create a wonderful human being for the past 9 months. You may be eager to put your favorite jeans back on. 

Don't put pressure on yourself to get back in shape too quickly. While the temptation to take back control of your body and feel like yourself again is great, slow down. Your mental health is just as important to your well-being as physical health. Of course, gradually returning to your favorite activities is important, but you have to do it because it makes you feel good. Set aside small time just for you (for the body, mind and soul). Make sure you don't rush into anything. Give a positive shout out to this body of yours; it’s fine just as it is!

New mom tip #9: Get some fresh air!

As soon as possible, take a moment to go outside with baby. This time you make for yourself will greatly contribute to your well-being. Be sure to make walking a healthy habit to keep fit but also prevent loneliness. 

Greet your neighbors and go to the park. You’ll foster great new relationships with new moms and dads. They can also contribute to improving your mood and giving you handy tips.  Whether you go out using a stroller or a baby carrier, you will both enjoy these precious moments together. Rise and shine!

New mom tip #10: Savor every precious moment

This last piece of advice will sound cliché phrase but it is still so true. Everything goes by so fast. Bad days and good days. Fun days and trying days.

Embrace all the sweet times with your baby. Had a hard day? Remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow for a new day.  In the blink of an eye, life with a child is filled with memories. Cherish all of them with awe and gratitude.

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