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Best gifts for new moms

December 02 2022
Best gifts for new moms

Are one of your family members, friends or colleagues expecting a baby? Shopping for gifts for new moms can be challenging. Are you wondering whether you should buy a practical gift for her baby, a present to help her adjust to being a parent, or a treat to help her take time for herself?

All options are great! Here, we’ve put together a list of the top best gifts for new moms, which range from baby products to surprises just for them. Get inspired to put a smile on a new mom’s face!

Sleep sacks for babies

One of the most handy gifts for new moms is undoubtedly the baby sleep sack. Also known as baby sleep bags and baby sleepers, baby sleep sacks are wearable blankets that are safe to use in cribs, regulate a baby’s temperature, and promote a restful sleep or nap. 

Because a sleep sack mimics how a baby felt in their mother’s womb (aka: warm, cozy and snuggly), they tend to develop a sense of security. A baby sleep sack helps keep an infant relaxed and comfortable. It is also a less complicated alternative to swaddling!

Sleep sacks for babies come in a variety of different materials, to adapt to different seasons, as well as sizes. We recommend that parents start off their newborns’ sleep routine with a baby sleep sack. However, based on your budget, you could give a new mom two sleep sacks: one for 0-3 months and one for as the baby grows!

Baby layettes or layette sets

A layette is a baby’s first set of clothes. Typically, a layette set will include matching PJs, sleepers, nightgowns, hats, scratch mittens, pants and tops. However, towels, hooded towels, washcloths, bibs, burp blankets, and bathrobes can also be a part of a layette set. 

Your new mom may already have selected layette items in her registry. You can either peruse her choices or build your own layette as a gift for the new mom in your life. Stick to neutrals and avoid traditionally gendered colours, like blue and pink, so that the baby can wear the clothes regardless of their gender. In addition, neutral colours means a new mom can use them should a second pregnancy occur. Greens, beiges, yellows and other bright colours are sure to delight a new mom.

Keep in mind that newborns grow at different rates, which means 0-3-month clothing may not last very long. Another idea: think of creating a layette for an infant that is between 12 to 18 months old. Get more tips on finding the right baby layette for a new mom here.

Bedding and nursing gifts

If you think the new mom you love already has tons of baby clothes, sleep sacks and baby blankets, then maybe you should consider bedding and nursing items. 

Before hunting for the perfect gift for a new mom, inquire about the nursery’s decor and the parents’ preferences when it comes to colours and styles. Of course, new moms will be pleased with any gifts, but if you think bedding and nursing presents are the way to go, make sure to choose ones that don’t clash with what the parents already have. For example, if the nursery is very contemporary, you may want to stay away from traditional patterns. 

If you offer sheets and duvet covers, remember that the baby will start using them once it is safe, after 12 months old at least.

Baby accessories

What’s not to love about baby accessories! There are so many to choose from! 

Here are our top baby accessories picks :

  • Hooded towels for babies: These small baby towels with attached hoods keep an infant’s head warm and dry after their baths. Pair your towel with other products for the bath, like washcloths, natural cleansers and lotions, or even bath toys!
  • Baby booties: Many experts agree that babies should learn to crawl and walk barefoot. Nevertheless, baby booties keep an infant’s feet warm, especially during outings. Much like a unique twist between socks and slippers, make sure the baby booties you purchase are breathable.
  • Other baby accessories: Teething bibs, bandanas, headbands, baby socks, and smocks can be add-ons to bigger gifts, such as car seat covers or outerwear, or even stocking stuffers during the Holidays!

Other gift ideas for new moms

Don’t forget mom! As much as all the attention will be on the new baby that just came into the world, mom deserves some R&R! 

Pre-made meals, babysitting, scented candles, bath salts, hair products to fight postpartum hair loss, wellness gift cards, robes and slippers are some of the most popular gift ideas that are truly for new moms! 

The only limit is your imagination. The most important thing of all? Find a gift that really represents your much-adored mom’s personality!