The benefits of using a baby sleep sack

November 15 2022
The benefits of using a baby sleep sack

Becoming a parent for the first or umpteenth time is a wonderful, albeit stressful, time. So many questions and so many changes!

Many parents of newborns often wonder about sleep time and the best ways to keep their babies warm and comfortable as they get their Z’s.

In both the United States and Canada, experts are adamant that parents avoid putting  loose blankets, bumper pads  and stuffed toys in their babies’ beds for the first 12 months of their lives. As many pediatricians say, bare is best.

The reason? Each year, thousands of babies die unexpectedly during sleep, either from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and accidental suffocation. Quilts, pillows,  blankets and crib bumpers, for example, increase the risk of suffocation, strangulation and entrapment.

In other words, whether you opt for your baby to sleep in a cradle, crib or bassinet, the only items that should be found in them are a firm mattress and fitted sheet.

However, despite the need for safety, parents often ask themselves how they can help their babies sleep through the night without becoming too cold or too hot.

The answer? Baby sleep sacks.

What are baby sleep sacks? They are akin to a wearable blanket that replaces loose blankets traditionally used in baby beds. Sleep sacks for babies do not cover their faces so they do not interfere with breathing and are safe to use at bedtime. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of baby sleep sacks and why sleep sacks work for babies.

A sleep sack regulates your baby’s temperature

When a baby wakes up at night crying, it is not always because they are hungry. Oftentimes they are cold. Sleeveless sleep bags for babies not only enable little ones to move freely at night, but keep them warm and cozy. 

Top tip: Opt for sleep sacks that are made from 100% natural fibers, such as bamboo and cotton. These fabrics are  all-natural, breathable, helping to prevent your baby from overheating. Bamboo sleep sacks for babies are particularly great as they  wick away perspiration all while remaining soft to the touch.

Baby gets a better night’s sleep with a sleep sack

Sleep sacks help babies get a better night's sleep thanks to their comfort and warmth. Babies who wear sleep sacks tend to wake up less during the night, fostering optimal sleep patterns for their health.

Top tip: Buy a baby sleep sack for every day of the week and make sure you switch sleep sacks for your baby depending on the season. Winter sleep sacks provide added warmth while summer sleep sacks will keep babies cooler during hot evenings.

Baby sleep sacks: A key to your baby’s sleep routine

Baby sleep sacks are perfect to set up a bedtime routine with newborns. Remember that sleep sacks for babies tend to mimic the solace and coziness of mothers’ wombs. Putting your baby into a sleep sack, giving a bottle/nursing one last time before bed, and a fairytale or cuddles give them time to calm down and relax before falling asleep. This routine can last for months and promotes restful sleep.

Top tip: Don’t start using baby sleep sacks too late in the game. Ideally, get your baby used to a sleep sack once you come home from their birth. Too often, parents want to start using sleep sacks after 12 months, which is far too late to get babies used to a routine. The earlier, the better!

Effortlessly change diapers!

When parents are awoken late at night or during the wee hours of the morning, changing diapers can wreak havoc on sound sleep. Struggling to change a baby’s diaper at nighttime can be simplified using a sleep sack for babies. They feature openings in the buttocks area to swiftly remove soiled diapers and put on new ones without completely disrupting the infant’s comfort.

Top tip: Not all newborn sleep sacks are created equally. When shopping for baby sleep sacks, do not compromise on quality and safety versus cost. Be careful of sleep sacks for babies that have two-way zippers or zipper flaps with snaps. The circumference of the sleep sack’s neck must be secure and not open. Two-way zippers can unzip and zipper flaps with snaps can open while your baby sleeps.

Perlimpinpin baby sleep sacks: The best sleep sacks on the market

What should your baby wear to sleep? Searching for the best baby sleep sacks on the market? 

Perlimpinpin sleep sacks are designed in North America. Our sleep sacks for babies can be used with just a diaper and diaper covers (for hot sleepers) or full-body jammies if infants get cold while they sleep. 

Baby sleep sacks designed and manufactured by Perlimpinpin offer a wide range of features. In addition to reproducing the cozy cocoon babies enjoy in their mother’s wombs, Perlimpinpin sleep sacks for infants:

  • Are made with high-quality fabrics
  • Meet and even exceed international safety standards
  • Ensure the safest way to put your baby to sleep 
  • Keep babies warm and comfortable all night long

Here are some final tips. The most important thing is to start your baby off as soon as possible with a Perlimpinpin sleep sack; that way, they will start their sleep routine right off the bat. If you add a sleep slack for your baby’s sleep habits as soon as they are born, they are more likely to get a restful sleep all the time!

How long can a baby wear a sleep sack? It all depends on your baby’s preferences and sleep habits. Traditional sleep sacks for babies tend to fit kids up to 35 pounds and 40 inches long (young toddlers). Active baby sleepers may want to forgot their sleep sacks earlier simply because they want to start moving!

Interested in learning more about Perlimpinpin sleep sacks for babies? Shop our collection now!